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The changes of serum content of general lipids, cholesterol and activity of alpha-amylase in cows with liver pa- thologies

In the article wеre estimated the changes of activity of alpha-amylase, serum content of total lipids and HDL-cholesterol 
in cows with the liver pathology during early lactation period for diagnostic pancreas’ functional state disorders. 
Many scientists indicate the united tendency of liver and pancreas pathologies (hepatopancreatopathy) in the different 
kinds of animals especially in monogastritis. First of all a genetic factor (the liver and pancreas form from one group of 
cells), anatomic closeness, features of blood circulation (to the liver blood comes from all odd organs of abdominal region), 
general innervations, close connection of the lymphatic system and others like that lies in basis of development of the united 
pathology of these organs. All these factors explain the involving of pancreas in a pathological process for the liver failure 
and in contrary. An origin and development of hepatic insufficiency often determine the failure’s degree and prognosis for 
diseases of pancreas, as a liver is the first and main barrier to the toxins that come from it on the system of portal vein. 
The question about study of the functional state of pancreas at simultaneous development of liver pathology in ruminants 
remains insufficiently known comparatively with monogastritis animals. 
Researches were made in clinically healthy cows and ones with the liver pathology during the period of the first three 
months of lactation with an average annual yield 5–6 and 7–10 thousand kg of milk for lactation. 
During the first months of lactation the liver pathology in cows was mainly diagnosed by results of blood serum biochemical 
indexes. It was founded that content of total lipids in animals of both experience groups was higher than (р<0,001) in control. De-
crease of liver protein building function was accompanied by the reliable decline of albumin content in the blood serum in experi-
ence cows, thus more expressed hypoalbuminemia was marked in a group with the greater productivity (36,1±2,16 %; р<0,001). 
The results of formalin reaction were estimated from doubtful to positive in 100 % cows with liver pathology.  
The reliable increase of liver enzymes activity –  aspartate (1,94±0,05 and 2,08±0,20 mmol/l×h; р<0,01) and alanine 
(1,08±0,06 and 1,13±0,1 mmol/l×h; р<0,001) aminotranspherases in cow’s blood serum of both experience groups specified 
on development of hepatopathy. 
Activity of alpha-amylase, that is the direct indicator of the functional state of pancreas, in the blood serum of animals in 
both experience groups in 2 times exceeded an index of clinically healthy ones and presented 9,02±2,19 g/h×l (р<0,05) – for 
animals with the productivity 5–6 thousand kg of milk for a lactation and 9,52±2,63 g/h×l (р<0,05) – in high-productive. The 
increase of enzyme activity is confirmation of disorders of the functional state of pancreas that took place on a background 
development of hepatopathy in cows during the most productive period. 
A pancreas, being an organ of both external and internal secretion, plays a direct role in lipid’s metabolism, that is why 
results of determination of their separate indexes in the blood serum possible to examine as indirect indexes of its state. 
The  content  of  total  lipids  in  both  experience  groups  of  unhealthy  animals  for  certain  did  not  differ  from  clinically 
healthy (р<0,5). Reliable a difference in relation to the concentration of blood serum total lipids was marked only between 
groups after the productivity. Its content was almost in 2 times more in cows with yields 7–10 thousand kg of milk per lacta-
tion than in animals with the middle level of productivity (р<0,001), that, it is possible to bind with the increasing for them 
the lipomobilization processes as a result of deepening of negative energy balance. 
During  the  analysis  of  HDL-cholesterol  concentration  the  reliable  increase  of  its  blood  serum  content to  1,49±0,062 
mmol/l (+22,1%; р<0,01) was marked only in unhealthy high-productive cows, while in the animals with the less productivi-
ty its level was stable: 1,27±0,087 – in clinically healthy, 1,26±0,052 mmol/l – with liver pathology. The increase of this 
index in cows with high yields have the certificate of development for them the deeper pathological process in a liver and 
decrease its physiology and compensatory possibilities according to absorption of HDL-cholesterol by hepatocytes and its 
further excretion with a bile to intestine. 
Thus, the results of researches testify the changes of the functional state of pancreas at development of hepatopathy, that 
especially characteristic for high-productive cows during the first one third of lactation. 
Key words: cows, lactation, functional state of liver, pancreas, alpha-amylase, total lipids, cholesterol, lipoproteins of 

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