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Efficacy of "FOZ-BEVIT" in the treatment of subclinical ketosis cows

The article presents the results of a study of biochemical blood parameters of cows for subclinical ketosis and dynamics of change for a new drug application "Foz Bevit." Studies have shown that metabolic abnormality, including ketosis is common among cows in the first phase of lactation. In some animals the disease is complicated by hepatodystrophy and osteodystrophy. It was established that the level of ketone bodies in the blood increased significantly - up to 50 mg% at a rate of 1,0-6,0 mg%, while reducing the amount of glucose was recorded. The content of hemoglobin in the blood of cows for subclinical ketosis lower than in healthy 11.6 g / L (P <0.05). The number of red blood cells decreased (P <0.05), while the number of white blood cells did not differ significantly. In sick cows compared with clinically healthy animals the number of band neutrophils was increased  on 3.4%. (P <0.05).

Results of the study of content of protein and protein fractions in the blood serum showed that  in cows with subclinical ketosis the level of total protein decreased on 9.16 g / L (P <0.05) compared with clinically healthy animals. Due to reduction to content of gamma globulins that was less on 46,1% ((Р<0,01),   alpha - globulin fraction increased  (P <0.05). Beta-globulin fraction was within normal limits.

Results of the study of non-specific resistance of healthy and sick animals have shown that the level of lisocim activity of blood serum of ketosis cows is on 8.23% below (р<0,05), compared with clinically healthy animals.  Bactericidal activity of serum from healthy and sick animals did not change significantly.

Analyzing these data it should be noted that in the blood of sick animals indices ​​of total calcium and inorganic phosphorus were significantly reduced, indicating the development of secondary osteodystrophy on the background of subclinical ketosis.

Milk samples had a faint smell of acetone and bitter taste, acidity averaged 20,1 ± 0,4 T at a rate of 16-18 T. The content of ketone bodies in cows milk at ketosis was 3,23± 0,12 mmol /L (in healthy animal 1,02-1,36mmol/L ), milk fat content was 3,0 ± 0,3 % , protein - 2,7 ± 0 3 mg /%.

Laboratory testing of urine samples showed that the pH is 8,2 ± 0,5 at a rate of 8.6. The level of ketone bodies – 3,4 ± 0,07mmol / L, which is significantly higher than normal (1,03-1,70mmol / L). pH of rumen contents decreased to 6,2 ± 0,2 at a rate of 6,5-7,2. The number of microorganisms in the rumen 0,85 ± 0,3 million / ml at a rate of 0.5-1.2.

After investigating the mechanism of development and manifestation of clinical signs of disease it was found that ketosis in most studied animals in the experimental farm had subclinical (latent) form, and some animals had chronic atypical symptoms, as evidenced by common clinical signs. At the beginning of the disease in dairy cows was noted variable appetite, taste distortion and reduce in milk production. Total body temperature was on average limits of physiological norm (37,9 - 38,4 ° C), unchanged throughout the period of disease and treatment. Most animals showed - tachypnea (more than 30 breath movements per minute), tachycardia (80 - 90 contractions of the heart per minute), cardiac impulse weakened, muffled heart tones. In some animals periodically sweating, increased reflex excitation were noted. In addition, the visible mucous membranes were pale pink shade with only a slight yellowness. Contractions of rumen were sluggish,  loose an average contraction of 4 per 5 minute, rumination was not regular.

Use of the drug "Foz Bevit" in the complex therapy of ketosis in cows is effective. Cows from the first group had significantly shorter period of recovery, while the other cows (control group), where a solution of glucose and sodium bicarbonate was used recovery periods were significantly longer. In experimental animals milk production was restored and morphological, biochemical and immunological parameters were stabilized.

Research has found that during 14 days of testing the content of hemoglobin and number of red blood cells in the blood of animals from the experimental group gradually restored to the physiological norm. After the studying of the content of ketone bodies in the blood of cows it was found their decreasing to normal on the 14th  day of the experiment in the blood of animals from the first research group to  1,1 mmol/L. Indicators of reserve alkalinity increased and on the 15th day (45,7 % СО2) – animals from the experimental group.   The content of protein in the blood serum of animals from the experimental group increased to 70 g / L.

Key words: subclinical ketosis, cows, drug "Foz Bevit", biochemical blood parameters.

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