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Prophylactically efficiency tocopherol in gastroenteritis pigs

Among the pigs contained in a pig-breeding complexes, widespread inflammatory disease of the stomach and intestines - gastroenteritis. They are diagnosed in pigs of all groups, but most often detected in young animals – suckling piglets and piglets after weaning. This applies to both infectious gastroenteritis (infectious and parasitic) and noninfectious gastroenteritis. Gastroenteritis in piglets often occurs during suckling content (14-21 days). They have a relationship with changes in the body associated with the development of the 2nd age of immunodeficiency and in the first days after weaning from sows. After weaning of piglets from sows they arise 3rd immunodeficiency.

Given listed, as well as drawing on the literature data, the aim of our research was to study the prophylactically efficiency of tocopherol during gastroenteritis of pigs through the systems "sow - litter" and "pig-feed."

Work carried out on pig-breeding complex and at the department of internal non-contagious animal diseases EE "Vitebsk State Academy of Veterinary Medicine."

Since september 2013 on the complex held preventive measures to age of immune deficiency and gastroenteritis of pigs. For this part in the animal feed were introduced premixes, containing vitamin E in an amount greater than the standard value (Table 1). 

Table 1 - The content of vitamin E in the feed, mg/kg

Mixed fodder

Group of swine, which used mixed fodder

Standard content*

Actual content


pregnant sows




lactating sows




suckling piglets




Efficacy was evaluated change morbidity and preservation of suckling piglets and piglets post weaning.

Studies have shown that digestive diseases rank first among non-contagious disease of pigs on the farm. Among them, the most common gastroenteritis of pigs occupying the structure of non-communicable diseases 40-42%.

With the aim of prevention of gastroenteritis in pigs developed a new premix. This premix content of vitamin E for pregnant sows exceeds the standard value by 35,7%, for lactating sows - by 42,9%, and for piglets - 3 times. This change was accompanied by a vitamin feeding and change the overall picture of disease (Table 2).


Table 2 - Morbidity and mortality in piglets gastroenterite

Period of research



suckling piglets


suckling piglets


before introducing the premix





after premix introduction






As can be seen from Table 2, after the introduction of the new premix morbidity and mortality of suckling piglets and weaned piglets decreased (incidence of 4% and 3% respectively, and the mortality rate - 2% and 3%, respectively).

This demonstrates the prophylactically efficiency using vitamin E during gastroenteritis of pigs.

The results showed widespread gastroenteritis among young pigs. Conducting preventive measures for gastroenteritis among piglets using a premix with a high content of vitamin E can reduce the number of patients and their death, which indicates that the effectiveness of this scheme. This was facilitated by a hepatoprotective effect of tocopherol and stimulation of the body's metabolism of sows.

Key words: pigs, sows, prophylactic efficacy, gastroenteritis, vitamins E, dietoprofilaktyka.

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