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Сomparative informing of the modern methodological aspects for determination of carbohydrates and lipids metabolism indexes in ewes

In the article is analysed informing and expedience of determination of content of β-hydroxybutyric acid and glucose in blood of milking ewes by Blood Sugar Meter Optium Xceed with the use of specific test strips.

Last time for quantitative determination of ketones (β-hydroxybutyrate) and glucose in blood of cows in the farm with success use of Optium Xceed device (producer Abbot Diabetes Care, Germany), main advantages of which are: portability, possibility to use directly near the animal without a necessity to send the simples of blood to the laboratory, presence of different (glucose, ketones) diagnostic test strips, independence from central energy searchers, high exactness and accordance to “classic methods”, fast test time and simplicity of screening. Determination of β-hydroxybutyrate and glucose content in blood by this meter enables doctors to control the state of energy metabolism in animals directly on farms which promoted to discover the hidden displays pathologies on the early stages, in particular, ketosis, and accordingly the possibilities in time appointed of therapy and prophylactic measures.

The level of blood glucose in milking ewes through 1–2 months after lambing, certain by sugar meter, has been 3,18±0,178 mmol/l (2,1–5,2 mmol/l), that on 13,2 % exceeded (r<0,05) an analogical index by glukoso-oxidase method of the research.

It follows a notice that in 20 % tests content of glucose during express-diagnostics was less than at other method of determination, indexes other 80 % had a positive rejection. Less values of level of glucose during determination by glukoso-oxidase method, probably, it is possible to explain, at first, – by influence of factor of time, secondly – by an error during preparation of tests for research (preparation and addition of anticoagulant, centrifugation) and leadthrough of determination (setting the reagents and plasma of blood, an observance of temperature condition during incubation in an aquatic thermostate, state of measuring optic devices and cuvettes).

Used of glucose meter Optium Xceed was conducted with a purpose of content ketones determinations (β-hydroxybutyric acid) in blood of milking ewes, as in literature was showed only in relation to diagnostics of ketonemia level for highly productive cows. The content of β-hydroxybutyrate in blood of ewes was within the limits of 0,1–0,2 mmol/l, while an average value in a group has been 0,14±0,016 mmol/l.

The use of glucose meter Optium Xceed with the purpose of diagnostics of ketonemia and glikemia level for sheep allow quickly and high-quality to conduct quantitative determination of β-hydroxybutyrate acid and glucose in blood in the conditions of farms, avoiding many errors.

By the lack of express-diagnostics with the use of Optium Xceed meter, especially in relation to determination of ketonemia level is its cost. The prime price of test strips for determination the glucose level is 4,00, for ketones – 10,50.

Key words: ewes, ketosis, glucose, ketones, diagnostics, glucose meter.

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