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Efficicency of determination of the stage of estrus cycle cows after indexes of walking activity

The data on changes of indexes of activity of movement of the cows are stated during a estrus cycle. Activity index movement during the stage of estrus 114,63 ± 11,38 and is likely higher than during postestrus and metestrus of the sexual cycle. Established that the efficiency of detectors Cow Trakker ™ and programs ALPRO Windows ver. 6.40 to detect cows in the estrus for convergence with the results of observation and verification of transrectal study is 76.9%. Automatic system could not detect changes in movement activity index 15.8% cows with silent heat. Also in 7.7% of cases cows identified as probable for insemination were beyond the heat: 5.8% of them were pregnant, one (1.9%) were diagnosed follicular cyst.

Key words: cow, estrus, indexes of movement activity, follicle.

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