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Express-determination of carbohydrates and lipids status in cows with different productivity

In the article is analysed informing of determination the content of β-hydroxybutyric acid and glucose in blood of milking cows with different productivity by Blood Sugar Meter Optium Xceed. Last time for quantitative determination of ketones (β-hydroxybutyrate) and glucose in blood of cows in the farm with success use of Optium Xceed device (producer Abbot Diabetes Care, Germany), main advantages of which are: portability, independence from central energy searchers, high exactness, fast test time and simplicity of screening. Determination the β-hydroxybutyrate and glucose content in blood by this meter enables doctors to control the state of energy metabolism in animals directly on farms which promoted to discover ketosis on the early stages and accordingly the possibilities in time appointed of therapy and prophylactic measures.

In 70% cows of early puerperium period (1–15 days after calving) the level β-hydroxybutyrate was increasing and was within the limits of 0,7–4,4 mmol/l (norm to 0,6 mmol/l). In 71,4 % it was exceeded the level 1,5 mmol/l. Only in 30 % of cattle the ketonemia level was in a norm (0,5–0,6 mmol/l). However, in a group with the less level of the productivity the increasing level of β-hydroxybutyrate acid (0,7–1,3 mmol/l) observed in 40 % cows.

The clinical symptoms of ketosis (depression, hyporeksiya, rumen hypotonia) observed only in 30 % cows of the second group, while in 100 % of animals of the first group the clinical state was normal.

In high-productive cows the glikemia level on 35,5 % is exceeded an analogical index at a cattle with the middle level of the productivity (r<0,05). Development of hypoglycemia was observed in 40 % cows of the first group.

At the physiological level of ketonemia (<0,6 mmol/l) in the cows of the first group content of glucose was within the limits of 2,2–2,7 mmol/l and averaged 2,4±0,22 mmol/l. By increasing of ketonemia level to 0,7–1,4 mmol/l (subclinical stage of ketosis) blood contents of glucose in cows with the middle level of productivity had a tendency to decreasing (1,7±0,30 mmol/l), here in 100 % animals were fixed hypoglycemia.

However, the results of determination the glikemia level in the second group appeared ambiguous – it was found hypoglycemia only in 30 % cows. In animals with physiology β-hydroxybutyrate content the content of glucose in blood was within the limits of 2,4–3,3 mmol/l. At subclinical stage of ketosis it had a tendency to the increase and had been averaged 3,9±0,90 mmol/l. Only at high level β-hydroxybutyrate (1,7–4,4 mmol/l) the blood contents of glucose in high-productive cows began to decreased (1,2–3,7; 2,5±0,51 mmol/l).

Express-analysis of urine was marked the presence of insignificant ketonuria (the level of ketonic bodies was not exceeded by the index of 1,5 mmol/l) in 40 % cows of the first and second groups. Thus it was found proteinuria in 40 and 70 % cows of the first and second groups accordingly.

The results of our researches were showed that with the purpose of estimation carbohydrates and lipids status at subclinical stage of ketosis in cows with early after calving period more informing is determination the level of blood β-hydroxybutyrate.

Subclinical and the clinically expressed stages of ketosis were more frequent registered among high-productive cows (70 %), while in cows with the productivity 5000 kg of milk for lactation – in 40 % cases.

The use of glucose meter Optium Xceed with the purpose of diagnostics of ketonemia and glycemia level in cows allow quickly and high-quality to conduct quantitative determination of β-hydroxybutyrate acid and glucose in blood in the conditions of farms, avoiding many errors.

Key words: ketosis, ketones, glucose, glucose meter, high-productive cows, after calving period.

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