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Functional condition of cardiovascular system in horses of ukrainian up-river breed depending on age

The clinical and instrumental inspection of horses of Ukrainian up-river breed in different age and the biochemical research of their serum blood are conducted. It was set, that in sport horses beginning from 18 ages is registered oneself the violation of heart rhythm in a kind of sinus-atria and atria-ventricular blockades. Also in horses, beginning from this age increases activity of hearts enzymes that testifies to development of myocardiodystrophy. There is an increase of total CPK activity on
27 % comparing to 2-year age due to growth of level of MB-fraction on 17,4 %. It is set, that most adjusted to loading of horse under age 10 as evidenced by the lowest activity of AsAT and CK-MB exactly in these age-related groups. These data allow us to evaluate the functional status of heart in horses.

Key words: sporting horse, biochemical indexes, serum, arrhythmia.

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